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Demonbreun Hill is a small area of town located adjacent to the Gulch and just South of Downtown Nashville. The neighborhood name “Demonbreun Hill” is new as of early 2014. Prior to this new name, most people just called the area “Demonbreun.”

The neighborhood is only about a quarter mile long with big outdoor patios hooked to most of the restaurants and bars. When the weather is nice, the patios fill up and create a fun city energy. Demonbreun Hill is most well-known as the “going out” spot for college students and young adults, who stay out late at local hotspots like Tin Roof.

There are several bars and restaurants, most of which are open until 3:00am. Demonbreun Hill also has two salons and a spa. Living options in the neighborhood include the Rhythm, which is a very upscale condo building, and 1505 Demonbreun, which is a huge apartment complex. This area is ideal for young adults who don’t mind the party atmosphere and want to be able to walk to Downtown, Midtown and the Gulch.

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