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Between the Gulch and Melrose is 8th Avenue South, home of many of Nashville’s most recognized names, including Zanies Comedy Club and Grimey’s New & Preloved Music. This neighborhood has long been a destination to see a show at Douglas Corner Cafe or to pick up a special furniture piece at 8th Avenue Antique Mall. But a lot of newcomers, such as Eighth and Roast and the Urban Juicer, are bringing fresh life to the neighborhood, making it a little more homey and inviting.

There’s a blend of new and old on 8th Ave South, which is why the area is attractive to so many people. Eat some Thai at the Smiling Elephant,  pop-in to Pre to Post Modern for some incredible vintage goods, drink an iced coffee from the tap at Eighth and Roast, then catch a comedy show from someone like Pauly Shore at Zanies. You can defintiely have a wide-variety of entertaining experiences during your visit to the 8th Ave South neighborhood. Over the next few years, you can bet 8th Avenue South will be the go-to neighborhood for even more new businesses and living options, so check it out now so you can say, “I remember when…”

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