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Mayker Interiors

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Expected to Open: Saturday, March 11, 2023

About Mayker Interiors

Mayker Interiors

From the business: 

Here’s what I want in a home. A place of adventure, warmth, and history. A place that feels more like an original composition than a catalog spread. And a big part of how that sense of home is created is how it’s filled. The collection of art, the favorite reading chair, the vase on the kitchen island. All these pieces come together to tell a story.

And this part—the story building part—is what I love. It’s also why I’m really excited to share our newest venture: on March 11, we’re opening our flagship shop in historic Germantown. Rich with sophistication, eclectic finds, and art that transports you to another era, we’re here to help you craft your authentic home story.

Mayker Interiors is a concept shop. The aspiration (yes, it may be lofty) is to provide a local, design oasis. I want the space to reflect the way we live—to serve as an extension of our personal home. Alongside plush pillows and organic ceramics, expect cortados and Topo Chicos. Edith Piaf on the speakers, stacks of eccentric coffee table books, cozy rugs underfoot, and that perfect scent of santalum hanging in the air. It’s a place of comfort and curiosity. A curated environment that allows us to share our heartbeat of beauty, quality, and inspiration.

At a tidy 1,500 square feet, it’s not an encyclopedia of all design possibilities. It’s the tip of the iceberg. It introduces you to our collection, renews your inspiration, and helps you discover a host of products that will make your house feel more thoughtful and welcoming.

For those who need it, it’s also much more than a shop. It’s a springboard—a starting point for your design journey. You can spend an afternoon consulting in our Design Library or work with our team on a larger project engagement.

Because that’s the thing about us. We’re here for all seasons. Whether that season is reimagining your full home or simply hunting down the coziest throw blanket. Big or small, we think it all matters.

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll use this space to take you behind the scenes of our shop creation. I’ll also share the special experiences that, I hope, carve this shop out as a warm and inviting outlier in the retail space.

In the meantime, consider yourself cordially invited to our opening weekend on March 11 and 12. Expect buzzy drinks, free spring bouquets, and some truly lovely surprises up our sleeves.

Welcome home, friends. We’re excited to host you.


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