Top Fitness Programs in Nashville

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Nashville is overflowing with fitness programs and studios to help you look good and feel even better, but figuring out which ones to try can be a challenge. To make your search a bit easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the best high-intensity and toning workouts. Here are Nashville Guru’s top fitness programs in Nashville.

Top High-Intensity Workouts


You’ll never be late at SWEAT440, where they deliver power-packed classes starting every 10 minutes. Expect an intense 40-minute HIIT workout incorporating four different 10-minute circuits.


Rumble Boxing

Photo Credit: Rumble Boxing

Get your sweat on at Rumble Boxing with 45-minute workout classes that feature 10 rounds of training. The first half of class will focus on skills and drills of boxing and the second half of class will focus on resistance training. You’re guaranteed to have an intense, but great workout.



MADabolic is a strength-driven interval training gym that focuses on Momentum, Anaerobic, and Durability (M.A.D.)! Expect a full-body workout featuring aspects of skiing, rowing, boxing, cycling, skating, weightlifting, and more.

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ISI Elite Training

ISI Elite Training, an Athletic-Based Training (ABT) facility, is a great group option that focuses on coach-led, 50-minute team training sessions. Expect combinations of HIIT, bodybuilding, endurance training, Tabata, and more. One major perk of this facility is IRONKIDZ, their on-site childcare room.


BC Gym

BC Gym
Photo Credit: BC Gym

BC Gym has become a well-known gym in Nashville and not just because it’s owned by personal trainer Shawn Booth. The workouts are tough and the coaches are inspirational. Each week is divided into lower body, upper body, and full body days. On top of daily classes, they also offer a nutrition program.


TruMav Fitness

Photo Credit: TruMav Fitness

TruMav Fitness was opened by country music singer Tim McGraw. The signature high-intensity class, Tru4, is offered almost daily with a focus on specific muscle groups. The upbeat and welcoming vibe will leave you craving more sweat sessions here in no time.

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Barry’s Bootcamp

Photo Credit: Barry’s Bootcamp

After gaining popularity in Los Angeles and New York City, Barry’s Bootcamp has had similar success in Nashville. The intense one-hour classes are part cardio, part weights, and target a different area each day of the week. If you have friends among Barry’s loyal following, they’re likely to be obsessed with this spot. After class, grab a delicious shake from their Fuel Bar.

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Shed Fitness

Photo Credit: Shed Fitness

Shed Fitness is designed for all fitness levels. Each day focuses on a different muscle group and all classes involve three to five stations of intense exercises. While the group mentality helps get you through the pain, private Shed strength sessions are also available for a tailored workout.

Neighborhood: GulchEast Nashville | Germantown 

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Full Ride Cycling

Photo Credit: Full Ride Cycling

Full Ride Cycling is a rhythm-based spin studio situated in the 12 South neighborhood. If you want to have a lot of fun and make some new friends while burning about 500+ calories per class, this is the place for you. Expect 45- to 60-minute classes, state-of-the-art bikes, and lovely amenities for your post-spin cooldown.


Title Boxing

Photo Credit: Title Boxing

Title Boxing is one of the most popular boxing studios in Nashville. This franchise offers full-body boxing and kickboxing sessions that crush calories and challenge every muscle—pick your poison with 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 75-minute classes. If you’re not ready to kick and punch in front of strangers, private and group training is available.

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Photo Credit: F45

F45 is a mix of circuit and HIIT-style workouts. The F stands for functional training and each class is only 45 minutes. Each day will provide members with a different type of workout designed to unify the muscle groups. Mondays and Wednesdays are cardio, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are resistance, and Fridays and Saturdays are hybrids.

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Cycle Bar

Photo Credit: Cycle Bar

Cycle Bar offers a low-impact and high-intensity cycling experience for all ages and body types. There are a variety of different classes that tap into your strength, power, and mindset. The Performance class motivates riders with CycleStats technology, group challenges, and rider competitions.



Photo Credit: Orangetheory

Orangetheory is one of the most popular full-body workout studios in Music City. Participants can expect heart-rate-based HIIT total-body workouts that are designed to guarantee maximum results. All classes are 60-minutes.

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Seven Minutes

Photo Credit: Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes offers classes that start every 7-minutes, so you’ll never be late. Each class features seven stations for 7-minutes, resulting in 49-minutes of total body HIIT. Comfortable activewear and cross-training footwear are recommended.

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Iron Tribe

Photo Credit: Iron Tribe

Iron Tribe offers group-based workouts with a strong sense of community. There are five different fitness programs to help target what your fitness journey needs. The programs are called, Prime, Power, Perform, and Peak. The Power program is a group fitness training class that integrates barbell work, bodyweight training, and cardio.


Top Toning Workouts


Photo Credit: BODYROK

In just a short amount of time, BODYROK has become one of the most popular toning workouts in Nashville. These 45-minute classes are designed to improve levels of energy while sculpting your body. There is a three-stage lighting system to guide you through the beginning, middle, and end of each class.

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Fahrenheit Yoga

Photo Credit: Fahrenheit Yoga

Get your sweat on at Fahrenheit Yoga with a variety of different yoga classes. Some of their most popular classes include the Red Hot Power Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa Flow – Candlelight, and Hot 26. Class lengths are 40-, 60-, 75-, or 90-minutes. Every class is open to all levels.

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Pure Barre

Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a ballet-based class that focuses on toning your butt, thighs, abs, and arms through a series of exercises that lift, tone, and burn. Typical classes are 50-minutes or less and have been known to result in a long, lean physique.


Studio Pilates

Photo Credit: Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates doesn’t just offer your average pilates class. Their workouts add more of an athletic approach to target a major muscle group for the day while also providing a full-body workout. Expect to feel challenged physically and mentally while still having some fun.

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Photo Credit: solidcore

The popular workout studio, [solidcore], has opened its first Tennesse location in Nashville. Expect pilates redefined with 50-minute, resistance-training classes using the signature [solidcore] reformer. The workout is very intense, but the results are claimed to be incredible.

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Photo Credit: Barre3

If you’re looking to kick up your barre experience a notch, head to Barre3. The classes incorporate cardio and challenge your mind, body, and spirit. After a class at Barre3, you’ll feel balanced physically and empowered from within. Classes vary from 45-minutes to 60-minutes.



Photo Credit: Pvolve

Pvolve offers one-of-a-kind workouts that sculpt, strengthen, and tone. Classes are offered weekly with private training sessions also available. Amenities at the studio include towels, toiletries, mats, and lockers.

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Studio Novo

Photo Credit: Studio Novo

Studio Novo is a trendy workout studio that has found a happy home in Nashville. This Lagree Fitness studio uses Megaformer machines for a 50-minute, total-body workout full of slow, controlled movements—key for lengthening and toning.

  • Neighborhood: West Nashville

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Hot Yoga of East Nashville

Photo Credit: Hot Yoga of East Nashville

Get your sweat on at Hot Yoga of East Nashville. This hot yoga studio has been in business for almost a decade now. Practicing hot yoga reduces heart irregularities, burns fat more easily, and improves coordination. Yogis can choose from 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute classes.


Marathon Pilates

Photo Credit: Marathon Pilates

Marathon Pilates offers a down-to-earth approach to pilates. The low-impact workouts feature a unique blend of strength and flexibility. Whether you’re new or experienced, there’s a class that suits your level. Classes are 50-minutes.

Neighborhood: 12 South


The Climb Gym

Photo Credit: The Climb Gym

Indoor rock climbing is a unique (and addictive) way to get toned from head to toe. Both of The Climb Gym Nashville locations feature an indoor climbing facility, a gym, and fitness classes. Work on your coordination, full-body strength, and mental power while—literally—hanging with your friends.


Did we leave off your favorite high-intensity or toning workout? Let us know in the comments! 

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