A Look Inside: SandBar

June 12, 2018 | Advertising Disclosure | Our Sponsors may be mentioned in this article.

For the perfect sunny day hang out in Nashville, look no further than SandBar located in ONEC1TY off Charlotte Avenue. This watering hole delivers sand volleyball, patio seating, coconut drinks, and basic bites—all the things you need to escape when you’re feeling a little landlocked in Nashville. Kids and pups are welcome, too. Nashville Guru stopped by to get a look inside.

The SandBar

SandBar has two volleyball courts, dozens of picnic tables, a bar area, and umbrellas to provide a break from the sun. String lights provide a touch of ambiance at night. Dig your feet in the sand for a round of volleyball (or just to feel like you’re on the coast).

The Menu

SandBar is home of the two-pound beer, so there’s a long list of brews to choose from, including a mix of crafts (like Yazoo and Bell’s) and well-known imports and domestics like Corona and Bud Light. This is a beachy place after all, so you can also expect coconut drinks, margaritas, frozen cocktails, and palomas. Canned wine and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

The food menu offers simple eats like chips and dip, tacos, nachos, and hot dogs. Get a Mexican popsicle to finish on a sweet note.

See the menu.

The Details

For sunshine, sand, and cocktails, make your way to the SandBar.

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