Top Fitness Programs in Nashville

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Nashville has a lot of great fitness programs and studios to get you looking good and feeling even better. We have listed some of the most popular fitness programs in Nashville to make your search a little easier.

The guide below breaks the best Nashville workouts into:

(1) Top Intense Workouts in Nashville
(2) Top Toning Workouts in Nashville
(3) Top Free Workouts in Nashville


Top Intense Workouts in Nashville

1. HOTBOX & TITLE Boxing Club

While HOTBOX used to be the only boxing workout with popularity in Nashville, they now have some friendly competition with TITLE Boxing Club. Both facilities are wonderful, intense workouts and offer something for everyone.

HOTBOX is very well-known in Nashville. The workout is intense and has proven itself as a result-intensive fitness routine. You can expect loud music, a motivational instructor and revved up results. Compared to your normal workout, this one-hour HOTBOX class will probably push you harder and make you sorer, but everyone who does it, loves it! HOTBOX Fitness is located in the Gulch at 125 12th Avenue South. Click here and fill out the contact form for more information about HOTBOX.

TITLE Boxing Club claims their power hour classes burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Wow, that’s intense. TITLE offers boxing, kickboxing and power hour classes throughout the week. Monthly memberships are available. The Nashville location is off Church Street. Get more information about TITLE Boxing Club.

Title BoxingTitle Boxing / Facebook

2. Barry’s Bootcamp – Gulch

Barry’s Bootcamp in the Gulch is popular in Nashville, as well as other huge cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York City, and is the place to go for amazing results. If you’ve ever wanted to look like the celebrities, this is probably your best bet. Barry’s Bootcamp has been named “Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure and Los Angeles Magazine. The one-hour, intense classes offered are abs/arms, butt/legs, chest/back/abs, hard core abs, and full body. See the Barry’s Bootcamp class schedule and pricing.

Barry's Bootcamp NashvilleBarry’s Bootcamp / Facebook

3. Krank – Green Hills

Krank Nashville is located in Green Hills and offers a unique, high-intensity class called Krank Strength. The classes offer a full body workout that pushes students to their maximum. Implementing equipment such as sandbags, TRX, equalizers and much more, you will be working muscles you didn’t know existed. The other very popular class is the 30/30 class, which includes 30 minutes of Krank Strength and 30 minutes of cycling. Get more details about classes and pricing.

Krank NashvilleKrank Nashville / Facebook

4. Iron Tribe

Iron Tribe has four locations in Nashville including Belmont, Belle Meade, Brentwood, and Cool Springs. They offer a group-based workout with a big sense of community. People who commit to Iron Tribe are very successful. Classes are only 45 minutes long and are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings. Get more details about Iron Tribe.

Iron Tribe NashvilleIron Tribe / Facebook

5. Orange Theory

Orange Theory fitness is spreading like wild fire in Nashville. They started out with a couple of studios and now have several locations including West Nashville, Green Hills, Brentwood, Franklin, and Downtown Nashville (coming soon). The workout entails a one hour session where you use the treadmill, rowing machine, and weights area. No two workouts are the same so you’ll never be bored. What’s unique about Orange Theory is you wear a heart rate monitor so you can track your progress during and after class. They send you an email shortly after your class with a performance summary of your heart rate zones, calorie burn, and splat points (you’ll have to go to learn about those). If you’re looking for a challenging fitness program, Orange Theory is worth checking out. Get more details about Orange Theory.

Orange Theory NashvilleOrange Theory / Facebook

Top Toning Workouts in Nashville

1. Pure Barre – Green Hills

Pure Barre has three locations in Nashville including Green Hills, Brentwood and Franklin. Classes are typically 55 minutes and are known to transform your body. Pure Barre is a ballet-based routine that focuses on toning your butt, thighs, abs and arms. There is a reason Pure Barre studios are popping up all over the Unites States — this workout will whip you into shape. See classes and pricing at the Green Hills studio.

Pure Barre NashvillePure Barre / Facebook

2. Yoga – Hot Yoga Plus or Sanctuary for Yoga

We all know yoga is great for you! The twists and stretches ring out toxins and tone the entire body. Anyone that thinks yoga is easy or just for women should think again. Hot Yoga Plus and Sanctuary for Yoga are both studios that will challenge every student and leave you drenched in sweat. Obviously, there are several types of yoga and Nashville has a lot of amazing yoga studios. We recommend Hot Yoga Plus for heated yoga and Sanctuary for Yoga in Green Hills for non-heated yoga. Depending on which type of yoga you enjoy, these are both great options for getting toned and working up a sweat. Get more details about Hot Yoga Plus and Sanctuary for Yoga.

Sanctuary for yoga
Sanctuary for Yoga / Facebook

3. Studio Novo

Studio Novo is the newest “Hollywood” workout to make its way to Nashville. Studio Novo has introduced Lagree Fitness (and MegaFormers machines) to Music City. This 50-minute intense total body workout will definitely get you into shape. It’s a workout you can’t find anywhere else in Nashville. Classes are small and you can try your first one for free! See the Studio Novo schedule and check out pricing.

Studio Novo NashvilleStudio Novo

4. Climb Nashville – Downtown & East Nashville

Climbing does a lot more than tone and seems almost addictive to people who participate. Climb Nashville has two locations: East Nashville and Downtown. The downtown location is brand new and spectacular. Both locations provide an indoor climbing facility, gym, and fitness classes. Work on your coordination, full body strength, and mental power while hanging out with friends at “Climb.” Get more details about membership and climbing.

Climb NashvilleClimb Nashville

GURU TIP: ClassPass

If you want to try a ton of different workouts in Nashville, check out ClassPass. For $79 a month, you can go to dozens of different studios and gyms in Nashville, including many of the ones mentioned here. You’re limited to 3 visits per studio per month, but it’s a great way to add variety to your workout or allow you to try different places before committing to any particular studio. Learn about ClassPass.

Top FREE Workouts in Nashville:

We don’t always have the extra cash to put into our workouts. Below are some great, FREE options for anyone looking to get in shape and stay healthy in Nashville.

1. Walking / Hiking Trails

Nashville is lucky to have amazing parks! From right in the center of the city to a little outside of town, you have no excuse not to get some walking or hiking in this year. Check out these parks for the best walking and hiking trails: Centennial Park, Shelby Bottoms Park, Radnor Lake, Percy Warner and Edwin Warner.

2. Running Groups

Running groups have formed all over Nashville and are a free and easy way to stay motivated. We love running groups because you get the support of a group who pushes you. Here are some of the popular running groups: East Nasty Running Group, 12 South Runners, and S.P.U.R.S (Sylvan Park Urban Runners)