About The New Site

Time For A Change

In 2010, we launched our first neighborhood website, GulchGuru.com, so we could easily see news, events, businesses, and happy hours in the neighborhood. Within a year we gained solid traffic, and readers requested expansion to other neighborhoods. We listened and branched out to include 13 more neighborhood websites plus the “hub” at NashvilleGuru.com, all of which launched in 2011.

With 15 different websites to manage and a growing audience, things started to get complicated. Plus, people were often confused about the individual neighborhood websites and how they differed from NashvilleGuru.com.

So as of March 1, 2014, we bring you all the same (and more) information in one sleek website at NashvilleGuru.com.

What’s different (and better)

  • New Branding & Design: You’ll notice we changed colors, added some new fonts, and created a completely new design. The site is mobile-friendly, too, so reading from your phone or tablet is easier.
  • New Photos: We’ve been taking thousands of photos over the last year so we could shift to a photo-centric layout. Thanks to everyone who let us take pictures of their food.
  • New Content: We’ve added a lot of new content. Now every page provides a wide-variety of quality, organized information.

Sections Explained


The neighborhoods page replaces the previous individual neighborhood websites. You’ll see all the popular Nashville neighborhoods within 10 miles of the city center. Each neighborhood includes headlines, happy hours, bars, restaurants, living, shopping, hotels, map, and a description.


We expanded the events page to include more than just a calendar. See this week’s top events, “mark your calendar” reminders, latest event announcements, calendar, ongoing events, and event coverage.


See the latest announcements, our “Look Inside” articles, and a list of new Nashville businesses to check out.

Happy Hours

We’ve hand-picked our favorite happy hours throughout the city, but you can also see EVERY happy hour, all in one place. If you like your happy hours a little more organized, there are also guides to the city’s best happy hours.


The guides page is where you’ll find our top recommendations for eating, drinking, shopping, living, and wellness.


Music is a brand new section where we’ll include guides to Nashville’s music scene, music event coverage, artist profiles, and more.


Visiting Nashville or need to entertain out-of-town guests? This is the place.

More To Come

We still have more work to do, but we were ready to release this to start getting some feedback. We’ll be rolling out more neighborhoods, guides, and additional content, too — this is just the beginning!


We hope you like the changes. As we get a better understanding of people’s usage of the new site, we’ll continue to innovate and make adjustments. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too.