Best Juice Companies & Cleanses in Nashville

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Nashville has many savory restaurants and lively events, but once the partying ends, it’s time to cleanse. Luckily, just like everything else in Nashville, the juice business is booming. Some of the businesses mentioned are pioneers of the Nashville juice industry while others are fresh to the scene. Below you will find a list of the Best Juice Companies and Best Juice Cleanses in Nashville! 

Best Juice Companies in Nashville

There are a lot of juice companies in Nashville these days, but here are Nashville Guru’s top recommendations.

Best Juice Cleanses In Nashville

Juice cleanses are believed to have effective, detoxifying results. The goal is to give your digestive system a break while ingesting nutrient-dense liquids over the course of one to five days (or longer for the serious juicer). A juice cleanse costs anywhere from $40 to $60 per day depending on if the juice is organic and how it’s packaged. Most Nashville juice companies offer a cleanse option, but here are four juice cleanses sure to get your gut in gear.

  • Franklin Juice Co. |organic, cold-pressed juice
    Franklin Juice Co. uses strictly organic ingredients and offers four different juice cleanse options. You can pick the cleanse that matches your lifestyle, such as being super active or new to juice cleansing.


  • The Fountain of Juice | cold-pressed juice
    The Fountain of Juice offers one, three, or five day juice cleanses. They source their ingredients locally from farmers who use organic growing methods.


  • Urban Juicer| cold-pressed juice
    Urban Juicer was one of the first juice companies in Nashville and has offered juice cleanses from the get-go. The juice cleanse kits from Urban Juicer range from one-day to three-day.


  • Clean Juice | cold-pressed juice
    Clean Juice offers one-day to five-day cleanses. During a day cleansing with Clean Juice, you can drink up-to 15 pounds of fresh and organic produce.


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