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March 24, 2020 | Advertising Disclosure | Our Partners may be mentioned in this article.

If your fridge is ever missing your favorite adult beverage and you aren’t able to make a trip to the local liquor store, Minibar Delivery is here to help. Minibar Delivery, a nationwide wine, beer and liquor on-demand delivery service, is now officially available in Nashville. The service allows you to order wine, beer, liquor, and mixers through the app or website, which are then delivered to your doorstep within about an hour.

How It Works

Minibar Delivery partners with local liquor stores like Village Wines to fulfill the orders, so almost anything available at the local stores is available through Minibar. The selection includes everything from Bud Light to Yazoo to wine to whiskey to water to limes.

You can place an order up to 14 days in advance within a two-hour window. If you don’t select a time, it’s delivered as soon as possible, and the time is noted at checkout. Keep in mind, if the local store is closed, you won’t receive your order until the following business day.

There’s a $25 minimum order. Taxes, delivery fees (approximately $5 as of this writing) and tip (suggested 10% or more) are added at checkout, so you know exactly what it costs before you hit “place order.” You can also leave a note for the delivery driver. Make sure to apply code “JG069465” for $10 off your first order. 

Nice Features

Gifts: You can send the alcohol as a gift with a note, as long as the recipient is 21 or older.

Auto Refill: Place a recurring order of your favorite beverage(s) so you’re never thirsty. Choose from 1 to 4 weeks at checkout.

Checkout Example

If you’re curious how the final stage of checkout works, see the example below. It shows you everything you need to know about your order.

More Details

For more details about Minibar Delivery in Nashville visit their official website or download the IOS or Android app.

Use promo code JG069465 at checkout to get $10 OFF your first order. 

Get more details. 


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