August Moon Drive-In Opening in 2018

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August Moon Drive-In is one of the freshest concepts to come to Nashville — or the United States — in a long time. The indoor drive-in movie theater, which will be inside a 40,000-square-foot dome, will have the largest non-IMAX movie screen in North America. The stunning indoor environment will be created by some of the top film, theatrical, and theme park designers to ensure a realistic drive-in movie experience on a daily basis.

There will be fifty stationary classic cars where patrons can dine and watch blockbuster movies, just like the good ol’ days. In addition to the car seating, other seating options will be available, including couches in private booths, tree swings, and wide-aisle stadium seats.

Though everything is indoors, there will be outdoor elements throughout, including fifty full-sized trees, a half-acre of grass and gravel pathways, a starry sky and a tracking moon overhead, fire flies, and the sound of crickets. There will even be a 360-degree lighted backdrop to create the effect of a sunset before each show.

In addition to the incredible movie experience, the food and beverage program will also be noteworthy, with an emphasis on classic American comfort food like burgers and fries. There will also be multiple full bars, dining areas, and party spaces.

August Moon Drive-In will be located at the intersection of James Roberston Parkway and Interstate 24 near the Titans Stadium, and is slated for a mid-2018 opening. The theater will be open daily and have 18 showings a week.

Check back here for more details as they are announced, and visit the official August Moon Drive-In website. 

August Moon Drive-In Renderings

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