A Look Inside: Butcher & Bee

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Butcher and Bee, a popular sandwich and “Mezze”¬†restaurant out of Charleston, South Carolina, opened in East Nashville on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.¬†Nashville is the second location for Butcher and Bee, and it’s getting rave reviews by locals. Nashville Guru got a look inside the fresh space. ¬†

Inside Butcher & Bee

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Butcher and Bee has a variety of seating options, from booths to two-tops to community tables to bar seating. With numerous big booths and a table for 12, this is a suitable spot for groups. Natural light floods in from the front and back while overhead lighting beams down from the high, industrial ceilings. Earthy tones, including greens and browns, are used throughout. The tiled logo on the rear wall is a highlight.

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“We are a full-service restaurant with a full bar,” said owner Michael Shemtov. “If you’ve been to the Charleston location, the vibe and food are familiar, but the setting, table service and full-bar are enhancements.”

Shemtov expressed his gratitude and excitement for the Nashville location. “We are really humbled by the enthusiasm and welcome we’ve gotten in East Nashville. We love this community and cannot wait to finally have our chance to serve the people who have taken such great care of us over the year plus we’ve been working on B&B Nashville,” he said.

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Butcher & Bee Nashville Details

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