629: The New Nashville Area Code

August 11, 2014 | Advertising Disclosure | Our Partners may be mentioned in this article.


Want to spot a newbie in Nashville? Soon, area code 615 will no longer be the only numbers associated with Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Phone numbers starting with 615 are running out, and the 629 area code will eventually be the sign of a new Nashvillian. The 629 area code will be assigned to all new Nashville-area phone numbers once 615 is no longer available.

The new area code isn’t a problem for most Nashville residents, including those with 615 area codes, except it will require dialing 10 digits instead of 7 for local calls. Starting on February 28, 2015, you’ll be required to enter the area code, either 615 of 629, for all local calls. No worries, landline users — long distance fees will not be associated with these local calls.

“615 Til I Die” may soon be the phrase strictly used by old school Nashvillians. It’s probably a good time to get your 615 area code while you still can.

Source: ATT

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