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As a homebrewer, Garr Schwartz was turning people away when they’d ask to buy his beer. It was, after all, illegal. So, for many years, he’d just brew as a hobby for friends and family, and dedicate the guest bedroom for his homebrewing equipment. When he and his long-time friend Christian Spears did some serious brainstorming and soul-searching, they decided it had been long enough. It was time to unleash Garr’s brews on thirsty, beer-lovin’ Tennesseans on a much larger scale. They co-founded and opened Tennessee Brew Works in the fall of 2013.

During our visit to Tennessee Brew Works, Garr, who took on the Brewmaster role, showed us the brewing equipment. His energy and passion for the beer-making process was engaging and contagious.

“We are really excited to be the first craft brewing company in the U.S. to use the¬†Meura Micro Mash Filter,” said Garr, “which is more resourceful. We are using a Belgian-inspired approach compared to the standard German style, which makes us a little different, too.”

Christian shared the same enthusiasm as he poured tasters and explained the beers.

“All of our beers are very approachable,” said Christian, “so they are easy to enjoy, even if you have more than one. We are also incorporating some really interesting flavors you probably won’t taste anywhere else, like in our Basil Ryeman.”

Tennessee Brew Works seems like a well-run operation, from the brewing system to the taproom to the tasty beer. Garr and Christian are also friendly, welcoming, and down-to-earth. Apparently a lot of other people like TN Brew Works, too — they already have more than 4,400 Facebook fans.

We definitely recommend checking out the brewery and taproom. You can also find their beer at a lot of places around town. ¬†See who already serves¬†TN Brew Works beer, and¬†make sure to request it if it’s not on your favorite place’s menu.

Photos of Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works has one of the largest taprooms in Nashville, reasonably named The Tennessee TapRoom. There are a few patios, two bars, several large seating areas, barrels with barstools, and even tables within the brewing room. You’ll definitely find a spot to enjoy your beer. If you have a large group, this might be one of the easiest places to go, especially when the weather is patio-friendly. Grab a pint, get the tour, and listen to some live music by some of Nashville’s best.


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