Four Favorite Things About Fly Free Fest

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Winding back roads, four-way stops, and open farm fields were welcoming sights as we made our way from Nashville’s rush hour traffic to the Red River Canoe Campgrounds in Adams, TN for the first annual Fly Free Fest. We pulled up to the gates early Friday afternoon to friendly smiles and an easy check-in. Tents and campsites were set up quickly, then we dived into the Fly Free Fest experience. October, being one of the best months in Middle Tennessee, delivered the perfect weather for camping, canoeing, and grooving.

As we wandered around the campgrounds over the next few days, we soaked up a lot of music, art, and vibes. This was our final festival of the year, and it was a pleasant retreat, despite it being located in the same town as the legendary Bell Witch. These are our Four Favorite Things About Fly Free Fest 2013.

1. One-of-a-Kind Environment

The Red River Canoe Campgrounds made for the ideal festival environment, from the little general store to the riverfront. Canoe down the river, hang in your hammock, stroll through the woods, or get in your morning yoga before the shows start. The location really made Fly Free Fest standout from the other festivals we attended this year.


2. Array of Sounds

Fly Free Fest made it a priority to include a wide-variety of bands and artists, from the well-known crowd drawers to the garage band up-and-comers. It allowed for an openminded musical journey that started in the early afternoon and lasted until the wee hours.

One of the musical highlights for us was definitely Moon Taxi (pictured below), who put on a great opening night performance.


3. Live Painters & Art

To add to the creative spirit, there were live painters and art pieces all over the campgrounds, adding a bit of color and entertainment to the already engaging scenery.


4. Friendly People & Plenty of Space for Everyone

If you like a laid-back, fun, earthy crowd, you’ll feel right at home at Fly Free Fest. Everyone we encountered was in good spirits.

In addition, the concerts and campgrounds weren’t jam-packed. Unlike your typical concert or festival, you could easily see your favorite band, get something to eat in a timely manner, or use the restroom when nature called.


Watch our video from Fly Free Fest 2013

We had a great time at Fly Free Fest, and highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys camping, canoeing, and live music.

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