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The Treehouse in East Nashville opened last week, and we got a look inside for you!

Corey Ladd and Matthew Spicher co-founded The Treehouse, which is located on their family-owned property at 1011 Clearview Avenue. The home has been in the family since the 1920s — talk about Nashville roots! The family also owns the other two homes on Clearview Avenue. The treehouse in the backyard, which was built by Corey’s grandfather, is the inspiration behind the name.

The house-turned-restaurant provides a homey environment, perfect for the farm fresh, Latin-inspired cuisine. The menu is always a little different, and you may share a table or dish with some new faces, which is all a purposeful part of the Treehouse experience. With seating for a little over 40 people, expect a cozy atmosphere, just like home.

“You may be sitting with people you don’t know,” said Corey, “but at the end of the meal, you’re like best friends. That’s a lost art. You usually feel secluded in your own little world. You don’t have to, but we encourage people to share dishes and talk with their neighbors.”

The food is all local and regional, so you won’t be munching on imported, frozen goods. Additionally, by next year, you can expect really fresh crops from their family farm.

From the menu to the history to the experience, The Treehouse is a true rarity in Nashville. If you’re open to new concepts and tastes, we recommend checking out The Treehouse.

Photos of The Treehouse in East Nashville

To answer the most common question — No, you can’t eat in the treehouse (yet). However, the outdoor areas are under construction, and there might be an exclusive option to eat a little “higher up” in the near future.

When you walk in, you immediately see the dining room, kitchen and bar. Though capacity is limited, the room feels spacious and welcoming.

“As you can see, our kitchen is open and very transparent,” said Corey, “We have nothing to hide. Everything is seasonal and fresh. We want you to feel like you’re in the kitchen, too.”

One of the most captivating aspects of The Treehouse is the woodwork, furniture, and dinnerware. It was important for the founders to maintain as much of the original home as possible, from the floors to the doors. You’ll notice impressive woodwork incorporating all of this original wood throughout the restaurant, all created by craftsman Martin Cadieux. The handmade dinnerware was created by Nashville artisan Sarah Longenecker.

Ceramics by Sarah Longenecker
dinnerware by Sarah Longenecker
Wood & Metal Work by Marvin Cadieux
Wood & Metal Work by Martin Cadieux
Original Doors & Door Knobs serve as Bar's Purse & Jacket hooks.
Original Doors & Door Knobs serve as Bar’s Purse & Jacket hooks.
Flashlight Chandeliers
Flashlight Chandeliers
The Treehouse Menu and Cuisine

The Treehouse menu is printed and changed daily, so you may not find tonight’s menu online, but you can see a sample of their menu below. Chef Todd Alan Martin focuses on Central and South American flavors, which is a nice alternative to the French and Italian restaurants you often see in Nashville. Dishes are mostly tapas-style and cost between $3 to $25. The menu is marked with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, too.

treehouse nashville menu


For more information on The Treehouse, see the Nashville Guru directory listing, visit their official website or like them on Facebook.

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