A Look Inside: MADabolic Nashville

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MADabolic, a strength-driven interval training gym, is now open off 8th Avenue South near the Melrose area. MADabolic has other locations throughout the country, but Nashville marks the first location in Tennessee. This group fitness option, which has dozens of five-star reviews, focuses on Momentum, Anaerobic, and Durability (M.A.D.) and is designed to increase strength, promote lean muscle, and burn body fat. Nashville Guru stopped by to get a look inside this new fitness option in Music City.

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The Interior

MADabolic’s 2,700-square-foot interior offers plenty of room for each person to maximize their workout without brushing elbows. There are five rows for five people to use during the interval training session. The “MADabolic” graffiti wall adds a pop of color to the otherwise dark space, which is designed to be distraction-free. Mirrors are also nowhere to be found, so the focus is strictly on the workout at hand.

The Exterior

MADabolic Nashville is located at 715 Craighead Street, just a short distance from hotspots like M.L.Rose and Hattie B’s. Free on-site parking is available, including several dedicated spots for MADabolic.

The Workout

MADabolic’s key difference compared to other group fitness programs is its primary emphasis on strength training. They also plan their signature intervals (crafted entirely around work-to-rest ratios) a full year in advance, creating a structured routine. Participants can expect a full body workout combining aspects of skiing, rowing, boxing, cycling, skating, weightlifting, and more. The recommended weekly routine includes four days at MADabolic combined with two days of lighter exercise, such as yoga or walking, and one day of rest.

The Details

If you’re looking for accountability combined with a structured group workout, break a sweat at MADabolic.

  • Address: 715 Craighead Street, Nashville, TN 37204 (map)
  • Phone: (615) 878-3345
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