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Germantown - Nashville, TN-37


Germantown is one of the oldest areas in Nashville with an awesome, eclectic vibe. The area is fairly small and is undergoing a neighborhood revitalization. Germantown is known for its annual Oktoberfest, when the entire city shows up for tours of the historic churches, German traditions, and live music.

Germantown offers several different types of living options such as individual houses, townhouses, duplexes and lowrises. Germantown is a slightly cheaper area to live compared to others, though upscale options are available. Germantown has over 10 restaurants, including local gems like City House and Mad Platter. The night scene in Germantown is mild with most of the restaurants closing by 10:00pm. There is very minimal shopping. People who live in Germantown love being near the Nashville Farmers’ Market and being able to exercise at the local state park, Bicentennial Capitol Mall.

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