Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville

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What makes a place kid-friendly these days? To us, it’s the availability of menu items suitable for youngsters, at least a few high chairs … and food and drinks that make the parents happy, too. Nashville is full of restaurants that fit the bill—here are our favorites.

Nashville’s Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants


Adults can sip margaritas and chow down on tacos while the kids color and munch on oaxaca cheese snacks at this hotspot in 12 South. Wear sunscreen if you plan to sit on Bartaco’s popular patio (and enjoy the heaters and blankets when it’s chilly!).


On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 5 to 6:30 p.m., this hip new west side eatery has a “family hour” with half off kids menu items and drink specials for adults. Crayons are available for scribbling on Pastaria’s menus and butcher paper–covered tables (plus old crayons are donated to The Crayon Initiative), and there’s an outdoor area with a bocce court and space to roam.


You might teach your kids not to play with their food, but it’s highly encouraged at Mafiaoza’s. If they visit this Italian eatery’s main counter, they can get hands-on with their own dough while taking in a dazzling show from the pizza throwers—who knew a family meal could be such a fun, interactive, and educational experience?

Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s is family-owned and, not coincidentally, family-friendly. The kids menu reflects the regular menu, with smaller-portion (and wallet-friendly) BBQ sandwiches, fried chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and corn dogs.

The Sutler

All ages are welcome at this refurbished blast from Nashville’s past. If you’re looking for live music to go with your sandwich or meatloaf, there’s usually a star-in-the-making on The Sutler’s stage.

Fat Bottom Brewing

Three words many parents love to hear: family-friendly brewery. Fat Bottom’s expanded location in The Nations has a selection of kid-approved dishes and a menu that doubles as a coloring sheet with games and activities. There’s also a patio and garden area with room for children, adults, and dogs to play.

Burger Up

This popular burger joint gets extra credit for placing its kids menus inside children’s books. At both of Nashville’s Burger Up locations, finger-friendly items like sliders, PB&J, and grilled cheese are served with French fries and apples.

Rosepepper Cantina

Well-priced children’s menu? Check. Crayons and activity placemats for the little ones? Check. The best margaritas this side of the Cumberland? Check!

Butcher & Bee

The diverse menu at Butcher & Bee is full of fresh tapas and small plates—is there a better way to teach children how to share? Also on hand for family-friendly dining: spacious booths and a table that seats 12.

The Pharmacy

When the weather’s nice, The Pharmacy’s outdoor picnic tables are the perfect setup for a family meal. The burger joint and beer garden also provides games to kids in need of a little entertainment.


The local offshoot of this popular Mexican chain has a kids menu with quesadillas and tacos, plus games like tic-tac-toe to play before chowing down. Bakersfield also offers killer margs and craft cocktails for the big kids.

Box Bongo + Bakery

Bongo Java’s newest standalone coffee shop has a small, tidy play area with building blocks and other toys. Box’s regular menu, full of healthy options and bakery items made on-site, is kid-friendly.


There’s plenty of room for the whole family at this sprawling Bongo Java–owned coffee shop/restaurant. Fido offers an all-day menu fit for eaters of every age, plus a few actual kid-size portions (pancakes, grilled chicken, grilled cheese) that are served with fresh fruit.

Bongo East/Game Point

In 2017, Bongo East partnered with Game Point Cafe to create a relaxing board game haven in the Five Points neighborhood. Many of the 300 games available are geared toward kids (think Mouse Trap and Sorry!), while adults can enjoy both caffeinated and alcoholic brews.

Fenwick’s 300

If the family is craving comfort food, Fenwick’s 300 has the answer. A dedicated kids menu offers smaller portions of classic diner fare: pancakes, French toast, mac & cheese, burgers.

Frothy Monkey

“Little Monkeys” have an impressive amount of tasty options at each Frothy Monkey location, whether it’s time for breakfast (cheesy eggs), lunch (turkey sandwich), or dinner (buttered tortellini). Two tips for the parents: Don’t miss the stellar beer and wine lists, and you’ll have the best chance of scoring a table Downtown or in The Nations.

Pancake Pantry

Yes, the breakfast food here is legendary. Something you (maybe) didn’t already know about the Pancake Pantry? The staff encourages young visitors to create crayon masterpieces and then drop them off at the checkout desk for a chance to be featured in the kids menu. The menu artwork is changed out periodically.

City Tap House

Family-friendly concept City Tap House landed in Nashville in late 2017, bringing with it plenty of booth seating for big groups. Crayons and coloring pages are on hand for kids who need ’em.


“Nada” means nothing in Spanish, but it means everything in Nashville. The trendy taco spot was an instant hit with kids of all sizes when it opened in January 2018. On warmer days, the family can enjoy Nada’s carnitas, cocktails, and coloring sheets on the patio.

The Row Kitchen & Pub

Another great option for all-ages groups in Midtown, The Row provides crayons and coloring materials for the lull between ordering and chowing down. Come hungry for hearty Southern fare—and, if you visit for dinner, expect live music every night at 6 p.m.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Although it’s nationally recognized for its barbecue, Martin’s offers a “Young’uns” menu with items like grilled cheese, quesadillas, and chicken fingers. If your family’s ready to go whole-hog, try a pitmaster combo of meats and sides—the Big Poppa Sampler, for example, feeds up to seven.

The Mockingbird

Chef Maneet Chauhan kept little ones in mind as she was opening her elevated global diner. The Mockingbird’s kids menu features smaller portions of comfort-food favorites like mac & cheese and chicken strips, served on a lunch tray with fries, fruit, and a cookie.

Double Dogs

Double Dogs doesn’t stop at putting puzzles on its kids menu—it actually serves those dishes in a dog bowl. (Talk about committing to a theme.) Needless to say, this is not a place where you have to worry about shushing your kids or getting all dolled up.


A homey Downtown spot that’s enjoyable for kids and adults alike, Puckett’s offers everything from Mickey Mouse pancakes and crayons to live music and a full bar.

TailGate Brewery

TailGate’s Charlotte location is especially kid-friendly thanks to its picnic-style tables and free events like Lego nights and movie screenings. Little ones can order from the kids menu—or the regular pizza menu, if they’re hungrier than usual.

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Pitmaster Pat Martin’s new fast-food concept offers a streamlined menu with all the essentials: burgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes. The Astroturfed patio has a small play area and provides excellent people-watching, making Hugh-Baby’s an ideal casual dining spot for the whole family.

Hugh Baby’s patio:

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