Best Pizza in Nashville

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Face it — pizza probably crosses your mind at least once a week, so you need to know your top options. Nashville has a lot of local pizza places, from Chicago-style to New York-style to Neapolitan-style. Whether you want to battle over which style is better or is more authentically Italian, one of these Nashville pizzas is bound to delight your taste buds. Put your guard down and sink your teeth into some of Nashville’s best pizza. Here’s the list in no particular order.

Best Pizza in Nashville

DeSano Pizzeria

DeSano Pizza - Nashville-1

DeSano, serving Pizza Napoletana in Midtown, definitely ranks very high on the list of best pizza in Nashville. The pizza is made in plain sight and it’s served on huge cooking sheets. DeSano takes the tradition of pizza very seriously by importing ingredients from a specific region of Italy. From the flour to the mozzarella to the ovens, this is as authentic as it gets. According to DeSano, you should try their pizza because it’s “what pizza is supposed to taste like.”

312 Pizza Company

312 Pizza Company opened in 2014 in the Germantown neighborhood, and their Chicago-style pizza has made a name for itself. As many people who love Chicago-style deep dish pizza know, this style of pizza takes significantly longer to cook than thin crust, so be prepared to wait a little while. They also have thin, cracker-crust pizza, which is sliced in squares instead of wedges (also called the Chicago cut). See more photos of 312 Pizza Company.

City House

City House - Germantown-3

City House is a popular restaurant in Germantown, and their pizza never disappoints. You don’t think of City House as a go-to for pizza since they’re an upscale joint and have so many other delicious entrees on the menu. However, they make a mean pizza. The Margherita topped with seasonal arugula is divine.

Five Points Pizza

One of the best pizza places in Nashville is definitely Five Points Pizza, which serves up a pretty scrumptious NY-style pizza. They are filling a void with the classic pizza-by-the-slice option. They also have ice cold beer on draft, including local favorites Yazoo and Jackalope, which is just icing on the cake.

Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli Pizza Nashville-1

Tucked back in the quaint Edgehill Village, Bella Napoli tosses up authentic Italian-style pizza. Their ingredients are really fresh, and you can taste it. Their pizza tastes a bit healthier and less Americanized. If you want a bite of Italian grub and atmosphere, Bella Napoli is a must-stop on your Nashville pizza crawl.

Whiskey Kitchen

Though not really known for their pizzas, Whiskey Kitchen has a hidden gem on their menu. You won’t see it on their main menu, but look closely at the standing table-top menu for a list of their pizza options. Their brick oven pizzas are insanely good. You can see their pizza menu here.



MAFIAoZA’s is one of the hottest places in town, not just because of their amazing pizza, but also because of their great laid-back vibe and mafia decor. The New York style pizzeria and pub in 12 South has been creating a buzz since 2003 with their stone-oven, thin crust pizza. Oh, and don’t miss 2-for-1 deals on Sunday and Tuesday.

Nicky’s Coal Fired

Nicky’s Coal Fired in The Nations focuses on dishes cooked in their four-ton oven, “Enrico.” This oven is the first of its kind in Nashville, so these pizzas have a special taste you won’t find anywhere else on this list. They also incorporate local ingredients whenever possible.

Slim + Husky’s Pizza Beeria

Slim + Husky’s Pizza Beeria in the Germantown area has one of the best reputations in town right now. These guys serve quick personal-sized pizzas. If you want a casual pizza spot with a nice craft beer selection, too, check ’em out.

TailGate Brewery

TailGate Brewery is known for their creative craft brews, but their pizza is also top-notch. There are two locations — one in West Nashville and one on Demonbreun. TailGate’s pizza is the perfect complement to a cold beer.

Manny’s House of Pizza

Manny’s House of Pizza located in the Arcade has been tossin’ dough for decades. It’s New York pizza and cuisine at its finest. Manny’s is a go-to pizza spot if you’re in the downtown area.


Pizza Perfect

Pizza Perfect - Best Pizza Places in Nashville-1

Native Nashvillians remember getting Pizza Perfect as kids, which means they’ve been around a while (since 1983). You can’t stay in the pizza business long without making an amazing pizza. They have thin and thick crust, which calls for a “heads or tails” decision. Their slogan “Looks Good. Tastes Better”  is spot-on. This is a good by-the-slice option!

Two Boots

Two Boots got their start in NYC in 1987, so they’ve been making New York-style pizza for a long time. Nashville welcomed Two Boots to Midtown in 2013, and they are now many people’s top choice for lunch and dinner. You gotta love the creative pie options and names, not to mention the New Orleans-inspired decor.

Coco’s Italian Market & Ristorante

So you want some authentic Italian pizza? Check out Coco’s Italian Market in the Sylvan Park area. It’s “owned and operated by Italians,” so if this doesn’t suit your Italian craving, you’re out of luck. They have the best bocce ball courts in Nashville, too, so get your game on after you enjoy your big pizza pie.

Joey’s House of Pizza

Photo credit: Joey’s House of Pizza

Joey’s has been serving authentic New York-style pizza in the Nashville area since 1999. This is a family-owned-and-operated restaurant, and you know it when you walk in. They’re only open for lunch, so plan accordingly!

NY Pie

NY Pie Nashville-4

While this is a bit outside of Nashville Guru’s coverage area, NY Pie in West Nashville deserves to be mentioned in this pizza guide. Numerous people mentioned it being their favorite. New Yorkers may debate if it’s as good as a slice from NYC (they have to fend for their signature dish), but Nashvillians seem to love it. Nashville Guru approves. It’s worth the drive if you’re craving some top-notch New York-style pizza.

Mellow Mushroom

Midtown - Feb 2014 - Nashville, TN-78

Mellow Mushroom can be found in a lot of cities, but this locally-owned and operated franchise in Midtown is easily one of the best pizza restaurants in Music City. If you like specialty pies, this place has a lot of creative options. Try The Magical Mystery Tour and the parmesan pretzels. Their fun, hippie vibe is also hard to beat.

Did we leave off your favorite pizza joint? Let us know in the comments! 

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