Bars with Games in Nashville

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bars with games

We all love going out to eat and grabbing a couple drinks with friends, but it can get old. It’s really fun to have something different to do at a bar or restaurant when conversation is no longer new and entertaining.

Whether it’s a card game, jenga, darts, pool, or a video game, being able to do something other than eating and drinking is really refreshing. A lot of Nashville bars and restaurants offer games, and we have compiled a list of great places with the best games in Nashville.

games & where to play in Nashville

Board Games & Cards

Jenga, Monopoly, Sorry, Gin Rummy…we wish we could play these games at every bar. While we can’t, there are several bars and restaurants that have added some games to spice things up a bit.

Two Bits: Monopoly, Checkers, Apples to Apples, Guess Who, Connect Four, Candyland, Jenga, Uno, Playing Cards

TN Brew Works: Various Board Games, Playing Cards, Cards Against Humanity

Village Pub: Various Board Games, Cards Against Humanity

Jackalope, No. 308: Jenga

Sky Blue Cafe: Trivial Pursuit

Hops & Crafts: Cards Against Humanity, Jumbling Towers, Connect Four, and many more!

The Flipside: Pick Up Sticks, Trivial Pursuit

Hurry Back: Tons of board games

Bars with Games in Nashville-4


Cornhole is definitely a favorite among people wanting to drink and play a game. It’s a classic tailgating game that now shows up at bars and restaurants with large outdoor areas. The best places to play cornhole in Nashville are Kung Fu SaloonRebar, and The Hop Yard at Bottom Brewing.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is so much fun. Coco’s Italian MarketPinewood Social and Mangia Nashville have bocce ball. Coco’s has two courts, and Pinewood Social and Mangia have single courts.

Coco’s Italian Market Bocce Ball Courts

Sylvan Park - Feb 2014 - Nashville, TN-37

Pinewood Social Bocce Ball Court

Pinewood Social Pool - Nashville-26


Darts are a popular bar game, so you’ll find them at a lot of places. Some of our favorite places to play cricket with friends are Broadway Brewhouse (Midtown), Beyond The EdgeEdgefield BarThe Crying Wolf, ReBar, M.L.Rose Sylvan Park, and Martin’s Bar-B-Que in SoBro.

ML Rose West-25

Darts at M.L.Rose Sylvan Park


Shuffleboard is easily one of the most entertaining bar games, plus it’s usually difficult to claim the board, making it a treat when it’s your turn. Some of the best places to play include Acme, Kung Fu SaloonTwo BitsReBar, Red Door Saloon (Midtown), Hi-Fi Clyde’sMartin’s Bar-B-Que (SoBro) and Broadway Brewhouse (Midtown).

Clyde's on Church Nashville-1

Shuffleboard at Hi-Fi Clyde’s

Video & Arcade Games

If you’re looking for a spot with multiple video game options, head to Kung Fu SaloonTwo Bits or Headquarters Beercade. These spots have caused a ruckus by bringing back dozens of old school arcade games.

Acme Feed and Seed and Bastion has a few options, too.

Arcade games at Kung Fu Saloon

Ring-and-Hook Game

Bastion and The Country have a Nashville Guru favorite, the ring-and-hook game, traditionally called “ringing the bull.” It’s a simple concept, but an easy way to have fun while mingling.

Bastion Nashville-2

Giant Jenga

GIant Jenga has become a popular bar game, especially on the patios at Kung Fu Saloon, Tennessee Brew Works, and M.L.Rose. Expect some loud toppling and “ahhhs!” when this game is going down.

Hoop Fever

M.L.Rose has Hoop Fever at two of their locations, Melrose and Sylvan Park. If basketball is your game of choice, you will want to check out one of their locations.

ML Rose West-11


Acme, Kung Fu Saloon, and Hi-Fi Clyde’s have a lot of great game options including foosball. This is a classic game, and the best part is — a lot of people can join in the fun (regardless of their blood alcohol level).

Clyde's on Church Nashville-25

Skee Ball

Skee Ball is an old classic. Back in the day it seemed like these were everywhere (ShowBiz Pizza Place / Chuck E. Cheese’s anyone?). There are still some spots in Nashville that keep this favorite around, though. ReBar, Kung Fu Saloon, and Edgefield are a few places you can get your skee ballin’ on.

Ping Pong

When the weather is nice and you’re just craving some ping pong, Pinewood Social and Kung Fu Saloon have you covered. Hi-Fi Clyde’s and Melrose Billiards Parlor are ping pong meccas, with nets so you don’t have to chase the ping pong balls. Martin’s Bar-B-Que in SoBro also has a ping pong table in the beer garden.

Clyde's on Church Nashville-34

Bubble Hockey

You don’t see these very often, so it was nice to see Hurry Back and Headquarters Beercade bring back the bubble hockey. It’s Predators vs. Blackhawks on a daily basis at both these spots. Get good, then challenge your Chicago friends.


Of course, there are stand-alone bowling alleys, but few bars actually have bowling as an add-on feature. The exception is Pinewood Social. Pinewood Social has 6 lanes within the establishment, making it one of the few places to incorporate a bowling alley so gracefully. It’s $40 per lane per hour with a maximum of 6 people per lane, making it about $7 per hour for each player (if you have six players).


Can you pass the chalk? Even if you’re not a pro, pool is a fun game when you’re out-and-about. There are a lot of places to shoot pool in Nashville, but we love playing at Buffalo BilliardsH-Cue’s Upstairs Poolroom, and the recently renovated Melrose Billiard Parlor.

Photo Credit: Melrose Billiard Parlor

Did we leave out your favorite game or gaming bar? Let us know in the comments and we’ll go scope it out!