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If you’re tired of going to Guitar Center for everything, Nashville has some other great local music stores. These places actually have a lot of music gear, and most of them have been in business for a long time. Here are our top picks for local music stores.

Corner Music

12 South - May 2015-93

In 1976, Larry Garris probably had no idea 12 South would become such a hotspot. Now his Corner Music store sits right in the heart of the neighborhood. You can buy pretty much anything music-related at Corner Music. This is a gear head’s independent go-to.

Fork’s Drum Closet

12 South - Feb 2014 - Nashville, TN-31

After working at Corner Music for several years, Gary Forkum opened Fork’s Drum Closet next door in 1982. Needless to say, these side-by-side music stores in 12 South have been providing Nashvillians with gear and drums for a long time, making 12 South a musician’s destination.

Rock Block Guitars

Elliston Place - 2015-37

Also known as “The Little Store That Roars,” Rock Block Guitars has been an Elliston Place staple since the early 90s. With venues like Exit/In and The End nearby, Rock Block gets some foot traffic from the bands and fans that frequent the area each night. It’s a cool store in a music-focused neighborhood.

Two Old Hippies

Gulch - Nashville - 2015-49

Two Old Hippies in the Gulch has a great selection of guitars and accessories, including their very own brand of Bedell Guitars. They are very welcoming when it comes to playing, and even have a couple isolated rooms. The shop also has men’s and women’s clothing, gifts, and more, so it’s a well-rounded place if your significant other would rather shop for clothes while you tinker with guitars. And when you’re ready to perform, they also have a stage.

Fanny’s House of Music

East Nashville Neighborhood-36

In East Nashville you’ll find Fanny’s House of Music, a fun combination of music and fashion. Fanny’s puts a lot of focus on vintage, so if you like those one-of-a-kind finds, check this place out.

We’re always looking for more local music equipment shops, so let us know your favorites in the comments.

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