Indoor Activities in Nashville

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Nashville is known to get a lot of rain throughout the year, so having some indoor activities in mind can be handy. We’ve listed the Top Indoor Activities in Nashville. Of course, you can always sit inside a restaurant to eat and drink yourself out of boredom, but these are a bit more adventurous ideas. If you are wanting to drink and have some fun at the same time, though, check out these bars with games in Nashville.

Nashville Escape Game

The Nashville Escape Game has quickly become one of the most talked about indoor activities in Nashville. There are different rooms and scenarios including The Heist, Classified, Nashville Escape, and Underground Playground. You must work together to escape from your room within 60 minutes. You’ll have to crack codes and solve ciphers. Can your team break the record? Get more details.

Nashville Escape Game


Let’s face it, bowling is a wonderful cold weather activity. It just so happens a super-trendy bowling option opened its doors a couple months ago. Pinewood Social has six bowling lanes. The vintage ball returns and scoring tables will take you back in time. Shoes are available for free, and lanes are $40 per hour with a 6 person limit. That’s only $6.66 a person for an hour of bowling.

If you’d rather go to a good old-fashioned bowling alley, there are plenty in Nashville. Strike and Spare, AMF Pla Mor Lanes and Tusculum Lanes are all great options.

Pinewood Social - SoBro - Nashville, TN-1

Ice Skating

No one really thinks to ice skate as an adult, but it’s a great winter activity. Centennial Sportsplex offers public skating and skate rentals throughout the year. It’s only $7 to skate and $2 to rent skates, so for a grand total of $9, you can get some exercise and work on your balance. Oh yeah, and it’s pretty fun to laugh with (or at) your friends who have never ice skated before. Get more details.

West End - Feb 2014 - Nashville, TN-88

Indoor Karting

Music City Indoor Karting is a huge racing facility located just outside of downtown Nashville. If you’re a bit of a daredevil, this might be the winter activity for you. According to MCIK, the electric karts can go up to 40 miles per hour. Pricing depends on whether or not you are a member. Get the details.


Laser Tag

Laser Quest has been a Nashville favorite for years. If you’ve never played laser tag, you’re in for a treat. Laser tag consists of hiding from opponents and tagging them with a laser gun when you find them. Games are just $8.50 per person. Get more details.


Trivia Nights

Trivia at restaurants and bars has become a big deal in Nashville, but you may not have time to play in busier months. Winter is a great time to grab your friends and hit up a trivia night at a local establishment. Get more details.

Popular trivia nights:

Roller Skating

The Brentwood Skate Center has been around since 1981 and it’s not just for kids…just mostly for kids. Bring back some memories by strapping on some roller skates and getting some exercise. Although I’m sure the songs have changed, or I hope they have, the fun remains the same. Rates depend on the time of day you decide to skate. Get more details.


With classic karaoke bars like Santa’s Pub, Wanna B’s, Lonnie’s and so many more, Nashville is all too familiar with karaoke. Expect some great singers, but don’t be intimidated — there are plenty of average and below average singers in Nashville, too.

Indoor Trampoline Jumping

Sky High Sports is a trampoline park offering a great time. Having recently been for an adult birthday party, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was awesome. You can jump with everyone or rent out your own group jumping section. There’s even an “AIRobics” fitness class for those wanting a different workout routine. Get more details.

Sky High Trampoline Party