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Though this area is technically within the Berry Hill boundary, most people and businesses refer to this little strip along Franklin Pike as the “Melrose” neighborhood. Once 8th Avenue South turns into Franklin Pike, the Melrose strip begins, then ends once it hits Berry Road.

Many years ago, Melrose wasn’t exactly trendy or a go-to spot for many people. Today, though, Melrose is growing quickly. Places like M. L. Rose (formerly just Melrose) broke the ice, drawing more people to the area through great food and beer. New restaurants like Sinema and The Sutler and shopping options like Bliss Home attract an upscale clientele, who would have ignored Melrose just a few years ago. With hip places to live like The Melrose and 23 Hundred, the neighborhood is starting to draw more than just short-term visitors, too.

Melrose is on a major upswing, and it’s definitely a neighborhood to check out. There’s a piece of history in many of the establishments, especially Sinema and The Sutler, that you won’t find anywhere else.

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