A Look Inside: Stay Golden East Nashville

December 19, 2018 | Advertising Disclosure | Our Sponsors may be mentioned in this article.

Stay Golden, a local restaurant and coffee roasting company, officially opened its second location on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, in East Nashville. The first location opened in the 100 Oaks area on August 14, 2018. Stay Golden offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, cocktails, draft beer, and locally-roasted coffee. Nashville Guru got a look inside.

The Interior

Stay Golden’s interior features a soothing color palette and greenery throughout, including eye-catching plants hanging above two community tables. There’s a large coffee counter, a variety of seating options ranging from barstools to four-top tables, and a merchandise section.

The Exterior

Stay Golden in East Nashville shares the same building as other popular destinations like WeWork. There’s an expansive exterior patio with an easy-to-spot awning. One-hour free parking is available in the building’s parking lots.

The Menu

Chef Simoni Kigweba is spearheading the new menu. Expect seasonally-inspired breakfast and lunch options, including classics like a sausage sandwich to unique options like the hot chicken salad sandwich. Nathaneal Mehrens is overseeing the wide variety of beverage offerings, which range from coffee to tea to cocktails to craft beers on tap. See the menu.

The Details

Try this new eatery and gathering space on the east side!