Green BEAN Delivery, Nashville’s Free Grocery Delivery Service

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Green BEAN Delivery, a free grocery delivery service in Nashville, started serving the area in early 2015. They deliver natural groceries and organic (although you can also buy conventional) produce to your doorstep for FREE. Green BEAN Delivery has been on Nashville Guru’s radar for a while, but we finally got to experience the service first-hand and fell in love. They provided us with some free groceries and are offering Nashville Guru readers 20% off the first 3 orders, too!

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Why we love Green BEAN Delivery:

  1. FREE Delivery. As long as you spend $35 weekly or bi-weekly, which is incredibly easy to do, you get free delivery.
  2. They source locally! One reason we didn’t initially want grocery delivery is because we like to support local shops and brands. However, Green BEAN carries local products. You’ll find Bongo Java Coffee, Provence baked goods, Hatcher dairy items, Ousley Ouch Salsa, Nashville Toffee Co., and more in the grocery section. As for produce, all fruits and veggies will come from the closest, most sustainable sources possible. In local growing season, there will be more local produce options, which will be marked.
  3. You know the cost before you check out. This is a huge benefit. At the grocery store you blindly place all of your groceries on the conveyor belt and hope it’s under a certain amount. With Green BEAN Delivery, you know exactly what you’re spending before you check out. Also, you can suspend delivery if you’re going to be out of town one week or just don’t need groceries.
  4. Saves time. We all know how precious our time is, and being able to grocery shop from the computer saves so much time each week. It’s also easier to plan out meals so you aren’t staring in the fridge wondering what to eat for dinner (another area you can save time).
  5. Organic. We know not everyone cares about eating organic produce, but we love that it’s an option with Green BEAN Delivery.

We definitely recommend checking out Green BEAN Delivery. It has been a great experience for us. As we mentioned above, they are offering our readers 20% off the first three orders with the NASHGURU promo code.

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