Farmers’ Markets in Nashville

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All across Nashville, neighborhoods are taking charge and creating their own weekly farmers’ markets for their community. And because the markets fall on various days, you have more than a few chances during the week to support them. Below are our favorite local farmers’ markets and when to visit.


12 South Farmers Market

  • Open: May 1, 2018, to October 31, 2018
  • When: Tuesdays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Where: Sevier Park, 3000 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204
  • Get more details: 12 South Farmers Market

East Nashville Farmers Market

  • Open: May 2, 2018, to October 25, 2018
  • When: Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 7:00pm
  • Where: Shelby Park, 1500 Davidson Street, Nashville, TN 37206
  • Get more details: East Nashville Farmers Market

Hip Donelson Farmers Market

  • Open: May 4, 2018, through October 27, 2018
  • When: Fridays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Where: 2730 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214
  • Get more details: Hip Donelson Farmers Market

Nashville Farmers’ Market

  • Open: Year-round
  • When: Monday through Sunday from 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Where: 900 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37208
  • Get more details: Nashville Farmers Market

Richland Park Farmers Market

  • Open: May 1, 2018, through December 30, 2018
  • When: Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:30pm
  • Where: Richland Park, 4701 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209
  • Get more details: Richland Park Farmers Market

West End Farmers Market

  • Open: Year-round
  • When: Saturdays from 10:00am to noon
  • Where: 4101 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205
  • Get more details: West End Farmers Market


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