Inexpensive Places to Write Your Next Hit

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The neighbor’s dog is barking, last night’s dishes are piled in the kitchen, and you can’t seem to get away from your computer. Home isn’t always the ideal place to write lyrics and melodies. Consider exploring some new atmospheres to get the creative juices flowing. Here are some ideas to get you out of the house and back to writing great tunes.

Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)


NSAI has free writing rooms for its members. If you’re a serious songwriter and need a place to connect, write, and find inspiration, consider signing up for their $200 membership. It’s cheaper than paying $25-$65 per writing session at some of the local studios, and the experience is pretty similar. It’s always nice to get out in the songwriting community and see people in action, too.

War Memorial


The War Memorial is awesome and often overlooked. Read through the names of fallen soldiers and enjoy the downtown surroundings. It’s an inspiring spot, and can be a peaceful place to write. You might even be able to record some ambient soundbites.

JJ’s Market

Midtown - Feb 2014 - Nashville, TN-58

There are a lot of great coffee shops where you can write, but there’s a lot less noise and distraction at JJ’s Market in Midtown. It’s usually calm and laid-back, so the inner lyricist can actually get something done. Obviously you’ll need to leave your instruments at home for this one.

Radnor Lake


Radnor Lake is south of the city, and it’s perfect if you want to be by water and see wildlife. The scenery is tranquil and quiet, so you can let your thoughts wander without distraction. Walk the trails, then take a seat on a waterfront bench and get to writing.

Public Square


The fountains, lawn, and benches at Public Square provide a nice environment for relaxing and thinking. Public Square is a little more active due to it’s downtown locale, so this is for those that don’t mind a little noise and hustle.


What free or inexpensive places provide you with the perfect writing environment? Let us know in the comments below.

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